Meet Liz Crawford

Founder, Sendero Women & Wealth
CEO, Sendero

I grew up in the wealth management business. My dad was a portfolio manager and he began discussing his work with me on our drives to middle school drop off. I was amazed that he would share his views with me at that age; but as I now know, you don’t “turn-off” being a portfolio manager.

I saw him walk the halls at night—concerns about negative markets and how that would affect his clients would keep him awake. His example of always caring for the client impacted my upbringing and inspired the values-oriented approach that’s guided my career.

I believe wealth management is more than investing. If your focus is solely investing, you’re missing half of the experience. Wealth brings new opportunities, as well as new challenges.

Many advisors don’t delve into implementing family values and governance (a fancy way to say decision-making structure) as part of your wealth plan. However, this is often the area we struggle with as families. What is fair? Do I need to treat the kids the same? How do I keep our values intact and pass them to our children?

Wealth extends far beyond dollar signs: It’s about helping people see their dreams become reality—and bringing their families along on the journey.

As a woman in the investment industry, I faced doubters and felt I had to work twice as hard to prove myself. I also saw the struggles women face as clients to feel heard and included. Coupled with my personal experience of balancing a demanding career and family life, I was determined to make financial services more accessible for women.

That’s why I knew I found a home at Sendero. Our core values are truth, honor, respect, service, and family. We live these principles and deliver them to our clients and employees. We are a firm that recognizes women’s contributions, which I personally experienced when I became CEO in 2017.

Sendero’s Women and Wealth initiative is a natural extension of this commitment to supporting women and their families. We’re deeply committed to providing strategic advice and lasting solutions that will serve our clients and their loved ones now, as well as in the future.

Professional Experience

Liz Crawford has over 20 of experience in the wealth management industry. She is the first female CEO of Sendero Wealth Management, having previously served as managing director. Prior to Sendero, Liz built a consulting division at The Trust Company and was in marketing at the one of the nation’s largest value manager, Barrow Hanley Mewhinney & Strauss.

She helps clients approach their finances in a way that’s consistent not only with their goals but also their values.

Liz is highly involved in the local community, serving as President of Legatus and Treasurer of the Children’s Hospital of San Antonio Foundation. She’s a member of the National Charity League and has supported several other charitable organizations and local schools.

Liz holds a BA in Psychology from Boston University. She’s received the San Antonio Business Journal’s award for Corporate Leadership, 40 Under 40 Rising Star Award as well as the Five Star Advisor Award.